Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification Tips

In this post I will be sharing my tips about Salesforce Platform App builder certification and study links for this exam topics from its study guide. As I mentioned in other post don’t rely on any shortcuts or any other study material as Salesforce itself got plenty and scenario based questions requires your understanding of topic.  After I appeared for Admin exam I took this exam with minimal preparation as there are lot of common topics between them.

Here is details on what topics are similar between Salesforce admin and Salesforce platform App builder.

  1. Different types of Object relationships (Salesforce platform App builder has dedicated topic on external object which admin exam doesn’t have).
  2. Scenario based questions on Business process automation either using Workflow, process builder, visual flow or Approval process.
  3. Formula fields and roll up summary fields
  4. Salesforce platform’s declarative capability of performing record and object security using profiles, roles, sharing rules, organization wide defaults or permission sets (Admin exam has higher percentage for this section).
  5. Data management (Admin exam covers some few more items including backup and data validation tool)
  6. Creating and managing reports and dashboards ( Platform App builder gives 5% on topics where Admin exam gives 13% on topic).
  7. Salesforce1 related scenario and solution. (App builder covers this in more details where Admin exam covers just basic of it.)
  8. Record types and its usage.

Topics listed above covers about 50% in both exams. If you haven’t appeared for admin exam then after Salesforce platform app builder exam you only need to prepare for 50% of topics.  Though you will need to maintain your admin certification with 3 exams per year with fee of US $100.

Here is look at topics and what to study for it in order of highest to lowest percentage sections from study guide for Salesforce platform app builder:

Business Logic and Process Automation (27%)

Data Modeling and Management (20%)

User Interface (14%)

Security (10%)

  • Describe the features and capabilities available to restrict and extend object, record, and field access.(one of question related to this section i received asked how to extend permission for one of object’s field for only one support user out of group of users for operation support profile. Second question was focused on removing field’s access for a profile on page. The options were given whether to remove field from page layout, add permission set or remove permission with field level security. Remember with profiles only you can enable/disable object/field/tabs permission and permission set can provide additional permissions. Roles, sharing rules and manual sharing overrides the organization wide default.)
  • Given a set of business requirements, determine the appropriate sharing solution. (Question i received was what can be used to extend permission of an object which has default org wide default to ‘Private’ and ‘grant access using role hierarchies’ is enabled)

App Deployment (8%)

Salesforce Fundamentals (8%)

  • Describe the capabilities of the core CRM objects in the Salesforce schema. (core object like Account, contact, opportunity, lead, Campaign, Campaign influence and case. Understand how do you create sales and case process. Another question asked what you must add when you add new opportunity stage?)
  • Given a scenario, identify the boundaries of declarative customization and the use cases for programmatic customization.(After reading through various customization option am sure you can figure out what cant be declarative customization)
  • Identify common scenarios for extending an org using the AppExchange.

Reporting (5%)

Other Links:

Mobile (5%)

Social (3%)

Workbook link:

Platform App builder exam focuses more on your ability to build custom applications on Salesforce platform with declarative capabilities. The best approach i found to study this exam is to go through your developer org’s various screens to create application, objects, fields, tabs, buttons/actions/links etc. Not everyone has worked on every part of Salesforce platform and some of questions requires for you to have knowledge of actual screens. For example one of question on App builder it listed various options to identify 3 sections of app builder while building page using it.

I hope this will help you to get through salesforce platform app builder certification and let me know your feedback/comments about it.

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  • yamuna says:

    Thanks Snehal for covering the topics for certification. I was looking for such post from long time and dint find any. Hope the links provided above are sufficient for take exam.

  • Sh says:

    Woo-hoo, cleared the app builder certification exam by following these suggestions + trailhead. Thank you very much Snehal for the wonderful blog. Kudos !!

    • sonali says:

      can you give some tips i found the exam very tricky have failed twice.
      I reffered online tutorial and few topics from trail head and few from online documentaion.
      Its frustating can you guide please

      • Sh says:

        I understand its frustrating to follow online documentation. I took this blog as an index for the topics and followed all the links and prepared notes right after going through the topic. I believe you will do it next time if you are thorough in following concepts
        1) Diff between workflow, approval process, flow control and process builder. (Follow the link mentioned in this blog)
        2) Record types (I did salesforce docs cheat sheet, have played with several page layouts and record types assuming some scenarios on my own)
        3) Order of execution
        4) Work flow and approval process Field updates (I had tried field updates in my developer org)
        5) Relationships and junction object
        6) Roll up summary fields
        7) Security

        Have to cover the remaining topics too but the above ones are very important.
        Good luck !!

  • Sapan says:

    Hello Snehal,

    Your post helped me to review all the knowledge I gain watching saesforce videos from youtube and from my SF trainer. So Thank you!!
    I became Certified Admin (201) and Platform Developer 1 (450).
    Now, I am trying to go for either Advance Admin or Platform App builder which one should you suggest? Need your suggestion though.. since you been through it..
    Where I am at in my career,
    1) I don’t have any experience in Salesforce other then working with multiple non-profits.
    2) I hold Bachelor in IT & want to work as salesforce specialist (<– I mean if I have to customize something I can use my admin knowledge, if I have to do built some custom solutions I can use my development knowledge..something of that nature.)
    Which certificate should be my first to excel my career? (Advance Admin or app builder)

  • Jana price says:

    Thank you for picking the exam apart. It gives us hope. 🙂

  • First Last Name says:

    You helped me get my certification. I followed this guide and practiced a few questions from the dumps. I was great to go!!
    Thanks a lot boss!

  • Raghu says:

    Thanks great post Snehal Surti

  • Abhishek says:

    Hey Snehal !! This is tremendously helpful. In fact, I would say, only these links and some online mocks available online are enough to clear the exam. I just did it yersterday. Thanks for the post.

  • Konrad says:

    Very helpful post, I have just passed Platform App Builder I exam yesterday.