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As promised earlier in last post I passed my Salesforce sales cloud certification and in this post I am sharing my experience and study tips for it. From Sales cloud certification study guide you will find topics in first 2 sections focused on your knowledge of sales industry or implementation experience with sales cloud. Though i found in real implementation things doesn’t always work by book so neither these topics. I have provided links to respective topics but during exam you will be able to easily select the right options if you have worked on one of Salesforce implementation and those topics are not only specific to sales cloud.

Most important you should be aware of sales related KPIs and how different KPIs impacts the sales process. This is not only important from exam perspective but if you are tech person or business analyst then you can use understand business problems and provide appropriate solutions.

For study of Sales Cloud Certification i focused on detail study of topics listed below and tried every feature in my developer org. In this post i haven’t listed study links by topic from study guide like my other posts. If you do detail study of these topics then you will cover almost every topic of exam.

use following link and go through topics named. Also read through pdf once for for first section of study guide.

  • 6 steps towards data quality,
  • tips for using incentive and rewards to boost adoption,
  • beyond login rates: three key areas for measuring adoption

Here are the list of sample questions i faced. Certain questions can have multiple solutions and when there are options available in exam you can easily figure out if you have clear understanding of topics. I haven’t provided options for questions here intentionally so you can apply your own logic and will make you ready for exam 🙂

  1. organization A has Org wide sharing settings default to read for all users. Organization is using account hierarchy and they want to calculate total of all opportunities at parent account level including opportunities on child account level. how they can achieve it? options were using roll up, apex trigger or workflow.
  2. Company wants to understand problem of their existing customer and wants to offer products based on it. What type of sales methodology is it?
  3. organization A has many partners and they are complaining that the quality of the leads they are getting is poor. Organization wants to improve the quality of the leads being sent to partners. What solution you will suggest in this situation?
  4. in multi currency enabled organization how total value of an opportunity converted from one currency to another based on what conversion rate?
  5. Organization A has sales team and manager. Manager needs to modify forecast details frequently and he needs to follow up with every sales person. Manager wants to avoid this constant communication for forecast updates. How would you address this problem as sales consultant?
  6. Organization A is migrating from legacy system to salesforce and their marking team has number of HTML email templates which they want to continue using in salesforce. How this can be migrated to salesforce?
  7. Organization A has user who owns more than 200,000 records and user is also part of role hierarchy. Organization noticed degrade of performance with reports and other data activities. As a sales consultant how will you address this problem?
  8. Organization wants to create new lead scoring process. When lead is assigned certain score it will have its lead status value being changed. As a sales cloud consultant how will you implement lead score in Salesforce?
  9. Organization A needs to create new new opportunity stage which will map against pipeline stage of forecast. As a sales cloud consultant what solution you will propose?
  10. What must be populated while creating new opportunity stage?
  11. Organization A has sales team which sells different products to different market. There are certain product which requires sale professional to have appropriate training and being certified. Organization doesn’t want sales person to select the product when they are not certified for it. As sales cloud consultant what solution you will propose?
  12. Organization A using salesforce App for outlook. When someone like sales person on vacation they want to make sure the other team members are upto date with all emails related to customers. As a sales cloud consultant what solution you will propose?
  13. Organization A wants to use different oppotunity stages for different market. For each market they required different values in opportunity stage picklist. What steps you need to follow in order to address this requirement?
  14.  organization’s manufacturing unit which launches new products wants to stay upto date on upcoming opportunities for their new product lines. They want to get notified on every new opportunity and track till its closed. As sales cloud consultant how will you satisfy this requirement?
  15.  Organization’s sales manager wants their sales team to co-ordinate with their product team for product related information or any questions during product sales to different customers. How product team and sales team can co-ordinate?
  16. Sales manager wants to share the product presentation with customer but he doesn’t want user to download it. What solution you will propose?
  17. Organization A has implemented sales cloud and they want to follow progress of salesforce adoption by users. One of the mean they are using is to have daily reports of logins by user. What other aspects also organization should consider apart from logins?
  18.  There are multiple quotes being created on an opporunity and Sales manager wants to see the most recent quote for an opportunity. How sales manager can view recent quote?
  19. Organization A sales VP is unable to produce appropriate forecast result because some of sales team members creates the opportunity when its closed/won. As a sales cloud consultant how will you address this problem?
  20. There is business requirement to display value from account’s custom field on related opportunities. How will you address this requirement?
  21. organization A notices over the period slower lead conversion rate and they want to find out root cause of it. Organization A will have to use which reports/KPI to find root cause?
  22. Organization A has added new custom field on lead and it needs to be added for lead conversion. What steps are required to map new field to account, opportunity and contact?
  23. Organization A needs to upload 50,000 records in Salesforce and if there are duplicates it should not be added. which tool you will suggest to perform data upload and what activities will be required to find duplicate?
  24. benefits of
  25. Organization A needs to allow their partners to create,update and view leads. What solution you will propose?
  26. Organization A has enabled social accounts and contacts. User is unable to view certain feed information of account’s face book page in salesforce. What can be cause of this?
  27. difference between account team and opportunity team.
  28. Organization A is implementing Salesforce first time. what standard objects are most likely to be used?
  29. User A is part of public group which shares the leads with other users. When User converts lead to account, contact and opportunity what will be the access of new account, contact and opportunity for group members?
  30. Organization A wants to enable their sales team to create new record of one custom object type in salesforce1 quickly. how will you address this?

Don’t forget to refresh your understanding of groups, role and custom sharing rule. i found at least 7-8 questions were rolling around how record sharing will behave based on certain scenarios so its significant proportion of exam to have clear understanding of salesforce platform’s various way of record sharing.

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Next post I will be putting tips for service cloud consultant and Admin exam tips.

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    Hi Snehal, Thanks for the certification tips. It really helped and I passed the exam.

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