Salesforce Admin Exam Study Dumps

If you are reading this post means either you are planning or scheduled to appear for Salesforce Admin exam. In this post am  sharing study tips for salesforce admin certification. You can go through my my previous post‘s first section  on planning for salesforce certification.

Salesforce admin certification study guide has listed percentage for each area covered in exam.  I would recommend to study in order of highest to lowest percentage like here:

  • Standard and Custom Objects (18%)
  • Security and Access (15%)
  • Reports and Dashboards (13%)
  • Data Management (11%)
  • User Setup (9%)
  • Sales Cloud Applications (9%)
  • Workflow Automation (7%)
  • Service Cloud Applications (6%)
  • Activity Management (3%)
  • Content and Folder Management (2%)
  • Desktop and Mobile Administration (2%)
  • AppExchange (2%)
  • Chatter (1%)
  • Organization Setup (1%)
  • Global User Interface (1%)

Here is the details on what to study for each topic for each section:

Standard and Custom Objects


  • This section has highest percentage for exam and also base to build salesforce skill. Read through question carefully whether security settings needs to be controlled by parent or not and then select appropriate relation type. You will definitely have one question on junction object so make sure you understand it very well.
  • Record type related questions can be confusing with opportunity sales process so read through carefully.
  • Rollup summary field is applicable only if its master-detail relation. if you don’t see master detail relation then you can simply eliminate that option.

Security and Access


  • You should know when you will need to create custom profile and when to use standard profile based on scenario for Salesforce Admin exam.
  • Understand difference between organization IP restriction setting vs profile based IP restrictions and what will be behavior when provided scenario
  • Organization wide sharing setting options for some standard objects differs from other objects (Read, private, Read/Write is standard options.). Check options for case, Lead etc in your developer org.
  • Remember you can grant or revoke access to objects or pages only via profile. Permission sets, Sharing rules, permission sets and role hierarchy can provide further access to records/functions but can’t restrict the access.
  • Removing field from page layout doesn’t restrict access to field for users so in given scenario read it carefully on what kind of field level security to apply.

Reports and Dashboards


  • You should know which chart type is applicable to which report type
  • how you can embed reports in page layout.
  • Dashboard components and which report type is applicable to it.
  • Sharing report with group, role etc and how reporting snapshot works and how you can share it with others.

 Data Management


  • You should read through scenario for selecting appropriate import tool and whether it requires duplicate check to be performed or not. While exporting data know pros and cons of export wizard built into salesforce. Trailhead has table to compare features of each option.
  • For validation rules you should know from scenario whether validation rule will execute or not.

Sales Cloud Applications


  • Be clear on how you can create sales process, how to assign sales process to record type and know which fields are mandatory when adding new value to opportunity stage.
  • Know difference between standard and custom price books and how it can be associated to an opporunity.
  • Understand what is campaign influence and how its associated to an opportunity.

Service Cloud Applications

User Setup


  • Be clear on how you setup feature license and what are types of feature licenses.I was asked scenario question on knowledge user feature license and how to assign it to user. Feature license is selected from specific user page.
  • You will be given scenario to select option for troubleshooting user’s login issue. I was asked the question that user is receiving login failure while trying to login on salesforce. Admin is unable to see any failure information in user’s login history so for what reason user can’t login.

Workflow Automation


clearly understand the table on first trailhead topic. You should know by heart on which process automation feature executes when in sequence and whether it executes recursively or not. if you are given scenario where you have confusion on selecting between workflow rule and process builder then most of time you should select process builder as it supersedes workflow until scenario requires to send outbound messages.



You should know how you can enable field specific feed and how to enable feed for any object. This section related question i received in relation to reports where given scenario how reporting snapshot can be shared with other users.

Activity Management

Desktop and Mobile Administration


Content and Folder Management


  • Given scenario you should be able to identify whether to use salesforce content or not. Specifically if scenario says user doesn’t want customer to download the document and wants to track its usage or want to apply expiry then you should simply select salesforce content.
  • I was asked question on what are different access levels user can apply for sharing report folder.

Organization Setup

Company Information

Global User Interface

User interface Settings

Like in my other post I mentioned that there is no short cuts and if you are really looking to grow your Salesforce skills than don’t even care of going through practice questions or sites claiming to provide short materials to study. Some of those questions/answers are completely wrong and if you study topics listed above then you won’t need any sample questions. Salesforce has 3 releases every year so if you are looking at questions and answers of previous years then its possible that they are no more valid with new Salesforce Admin Certification.

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  • Jyothsna says:

    Thanks for putting it all together. I have seen many other sites focusing on just getting the certification done but you focus more on gaining insights into the topics. You have summarized everything so well that I am using this as a guide for learning salesforce and for my certification prep.

  • Dastagiri says:

    This has given clear picture on the topics need to be focused for ADM 201 cert. Thank you so much

  • Bryan says:

    Thank you for the great set of information. By taking online courses supplemented heavily with your study dumps, I successfully passed.